Sik-Yee Wong



Mr. Sik-Yee Wong was born in 1941 in the Province of Guangdong, China. He started to study painting in early childhood. Later Mr. Wong studied under the guidance of two famous Chinese art masters, Mr. Pak-Yu Leung and Mr. Shao-An Chao. Mr. Wong established his own art gallery in Hong Kong, the Tein-Lai Studio. His work was well received when he held two personal exhibitions in the City Hall Art Gallery of Hong Kong..

Sik-Yee Wong came to Canada in 1975. Visual Art Ontario selected his works for province wide exhibition that same year. In 1976 he opened the Karwah Gallery in Toronto. Since then his work has been shown in solo exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and across Canada.

Mr. Wong has achieved great success with a finger painting technique that he has developed, examples of which are displayed in this gallery. His style of painting is natural and fresh, sparse but well knit, with bold strokes and beautiful colours, giving his work distinctive characteristics.



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Sik-Yee Wong